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“Honestly, I’m not even sure where my Bible is…” When my friend told me that in 2018 it absolutely broke my heart. If I truly loved her, I had to do something! Spending time in God’s Word is an absolute lifeline, and I can’t imagine life without it! That year, the very first Called Life planner was born. It’s a tool for anyone that has accepted Christ and has a desire to prioritize knowing Him more intimately.

The Called Life


This calendar helps me to prioritize my love for God through things like reminders to read His Word, to pray intentionally, and providing a space for me to add scriptures I would like to memorize throughout the year.

It helps me prioritize loving others through automatically printing out their birthdays and anniversaries every year as a reminder to send them some love on their special days.

And this calendar helps me with both loving God and others by creating more margin in my life for me to be able to prioritize those two things. It automatically prints in daily, weekly, and monthly reoccurring activities, events and to do lists. Things like: to take out the trash, give the dog a heart worm pill, budget, exercise, meal prep, etc. I include everything that has the potential to cloud my mind and distract me from the mission Jesus has given me – that he has given to us all! To Love God and love others. 

I love the Called Life Calendar! I love that I can add in my own daily verses and to-do list! It's also so easy to make personal and fit to your schedule and needs.
McKenna Hazel

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