John and Adriana Lungu

John and Adriana Lungu

You ever meet someone and just know that God has put them in your life? For me, John and Adriana Lungu are just those sorts of people. They are the kind of people that you just feel when you are around them.

John and Adriana have a heart for people, and they have a calling on their life that is truly evidence of God’s supernatural workings in the modern world. They have been called to Moldova to share God’s agape love with the Moldovan people, without question, without regret – with open hearts and simple yet refined and dignified faith.

John has a background in electronics and Adriana is a mechanical engineer, so their education and skill sets have put them in a place where they could have a very comfortable life here in the U.S., but they set that aside – because they dare to be doers, not just followers. They inspire me.

Through Journey to Hope they are working to combat human trafficking by bringing awareness to the most vulnerable segment of Moldovan society, the orphans, the young, and the disadvantaged in both the cities and rural areas. God is putting together a team to help with the work at hand, but it is a huge task with few workers and few resources.

In addition to this job (a huge undertaking in and of itself!) they will be planting churches in several cities, establishing a university outreach, leading small groups, and more. You can find out more about the work they are doing at

Doing what they are doing, they will be exposed to the ugly, the messy, and unsavory side of people. That can have a real effect not only on them, but also on their marriage and their children. Please join me in praying for John and Adriana Lungu and their family, that God will provide the strength, fortitude, grace, and provision that they need, and that they may touch the hearts and lives of the Moldovan people.

Book Review -Six Battles Every Man Must Win

Six Battles Every Man Must Win … and the Ancient Secrets You’ll Need to Succeed by Bill Perkins.

This was a great book! That’s the short answer and yes, I would definitely recommend it. My wife picked this book up for me and I scanned the back cover, and just kind of put it aside as a book I’ll “check out” at some point. I was talking to a friend about how difficult it was to foster quality relationships with other men who follow Christ, and he mentioned this book and I remembered that I had it, so I went off to dig it up – and found that my wife had put it on the corner of my desk. When I asked her why she said that it had been sitting around for a while and she didn’t know if I’d read it, but it I had she’d like to pass it on. I told her I was just looking for this book, and had not yet read it, but its time had come.

I cracked it open and began to read and found the writing style to be relaxing, relevant, and real. It’s written for the average guy and flows really well. It took me about a week to get halfway through – it’s broken up in a way that makes it good reading when you don’t have too much time to dedicate at once – yet it raises thoughts that last long after the book has been set aside.

The third or fourth time I picked it up to read a chapter or two, I just couldn’t seem to put it down! And finished the book in one sitting. After I was done, I had it on my desk and was telling my wife that I had finished it, but no I did not want to “pass it on” but I want to keep it instead.

The battles men face that are explored in this book include: Fighting for your identity, personal holiness, family, pain, friends and a strong faith.


Homeless Outreach in Dallas, Texas

Homeless Outreach in Dallas, Texas

Our home church is Crossroads of Life, in Duncanville, Texas. One of the church’s outreach programs is to the homeless in the Dallas area, since Duncanville is basically a southern suburb of Dallas. For the past 15 or 20 years, the church, through this outreach has provided weekly meals to the indigent persons of Dallas County as well as health and hygiene items, clothing, and etc.

This past Sunday, the church announced a need for spring clothing for the outreach. I talked to the person who is in charge of the outreach and where I could bring clothes and/or hygiene items to help with the outreach (It is time for some Spring Cleaning around here!) and he let me know that if we brought our stuff to the church office, located at 123 U.S. 67 Frontage Road, Duncanville, TX 75137 that the church would contact him to let him know it’s there and he would pick it up from the office.

Since it’s an ongoing outreach program, things are (of course) always needed. I asked him what kinds of items and he said that (other than clothes) they always have a shortage of toothbrushes, toothpaste (small travel size), disposable razors, shampoos, soap, etc.

Over the next couple of weeks, Kim and I will be putting some of these things together for the outreach program.

Since the items would be donated through the church, they would basically qualify as a tax deduction, so if you have a few things hanging around that you don’t need, instead of just throwing it out, get a tax deduction and help someone less fortunate!

Called Life on Facebook

Called Life on Facebook

Last night, Called Life, was born – on Facebook! I created the basic page layout and after a couple of introductory posts, I started sending out invites. So far I’ve invited over 1,000 people to ‘check it out’. I’ve been jotting down lots of ideas on my random thoughts about how I can get the word out, not only about what we are doing, but also for the overall Called Life blog. I also started using the #calledlife hashtag for those of you who are interested in that kind of thing. The url for the facebook page is if you want to like us there.

This is about as grass-roots as it gets, one guy sitting in front of his computer a little each day! I put together several posts today over on facebook, but just wanted to make a note of it, here, too. I’ll be putting together a post with some Moldova facts and etc. in the coming days, it’ll probably take some time to fully flesh it out, so keep an eye out for that.

Thanks for visiting!

What is Normal?

What is Normal?

My wife is finalizing her paper from her trip to the Solomon Islands, and she has made some phone calls, we will be going through the process to become ‘official’ Missionary Associates to Moldova. Well, technically, she will be the official missionary and I, her dear husband, will be the spouse.

While I have my good days, and my bad, I am for all intents and purposes a disabled veteran. The list of medical conditions is pretty long, but I believe that just like some of the examples we have in the Bible, God has used my physical suffering to not only build my testimony, but to provide me (us) freedom to answer His calling for our lives in a way that I could have never anticipated, expected, or planned for.

We have a lot of role reversals in our household, to some it would seem abnormal, but what is NORMAL, anyways? While she will be working on developing a curriculum for educating the youth of Moldova about human trafficking; I will be making sure she is well fed, has clean clothes, and basically ‘getting her back’. I’m good at that.

I have another week of cardiac rehab and have been cleared for travel, I have another month or two before my sternum fully heals from having had open heart surgery back in November. I continue to exercise and prepare myself physically, mentally, and spiritually for the road ahead while God continues to heal my body.

It’s funny how seeking the Word helps explain some things. I was looking up one specific verse and was shown instead 1 Peter 5:6-11 (ISR)

6 Humble yourselves, then, under the mighty hand of Elohim, so that He exalts you in due time, 7 casting all your worry upon Him, for He is concerned about you. 8 Be sober, watch, because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. 9 Resist him, firm in the belief, knowing that the same hardships are experienced by your brotherhood in the world. 10 And the Elohim of all favour, who called you to His everlasting esteem by Messiah Yeshua, after you have suffered a while, Himself perfect, establish, strengthen, and settle you. 11 To Him be the esteem and the might forever and ever. Amen.