Book Review -Six Battles Every Man Must Win

Six Battles Every Man Must Win … and the Ancient Secrets You’ll Need to Succeed by Bill Perkins.

This was a great book! That’s the short answer and yes, I would definitely recommend it. My wife picked this book up for me and I scanned the back cover, and just kind of put it aside as a book I’ll “check out” at some point. I was talking to a friend about how difficult it was to foster quality relationships with other men who follow Christ, and he mentioned this book and I remembered that I had it, so I went off to dig it up – and found that my wife had put it on the corner of my desk. When I asked her why she said that it had been sitting around for a while and she didn’t know if I’d read it, but it I had she’d like to pass it on. I told her I was just looking for this book, and had not yet read it, but its time had come.

I cracked it open and began to read and found the writing style to be relaxing, relevant, and real. It’s written for the average guy and flows really well. It took me about a week to get halfway through – it’s broken up in a way that makes it good reading when you don’t have too much time to dedicate at once – yet it raises thoughts that last long after the book has been set aside.

The third or fourth time I picked it up to read a chapter or two, I just couldn’t seem to put it down! And finished the book in one sitting. After I was done, I had it on my desk and was telling my wife that I had finished it, but no I did not want to “pass it on” but I want to keep it instead.

The battles men face that are explored in this book include: Fighting for your identity, personal holiness, family, pain, friends and a strong faith.


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