You ever meet someone and just know that God has put them in your life? For me, John and Adriana Lungu are just those sorts of people. They are the kind of people that you just feel when you are around them.

John and Adriana have a heart for people, and they have a calling on their life that is truly evidence of God’s supernatural workings in the modern world. They have been called to Moldova to share God’s agape love with the Moldovan people, without question, without regret – with open hearts and simple yet refined and dignified faith.

John has a background in electronics and Adriana is a mechanical engineer, so their education and skill sets have put them in a place where they could have a very comfortable life here in the U.S., but they set that aside – because they dare to be doers, not just followers. They inspire me.

Through Journey to Hope they are working to combat human trafficking by bringing awareness to the most vulnerable segment of Moldovan society, the orphans, the young, and the disadvantaged in both the cities and rural areas. God is putting together a team to help with the work at hand, but it is a huge task with few workers and few resources.

In addition to this job (a huge undertaking in and of itself!) they will be planting churches in several cities, establishing a university outreach, leading small groups, and more. You can find out more about the work they are doing at

Doing what they are doing, they will be exposed to the ugly, the messy, and unsavory side of people. That can have a real effect not only on them, but also on their marriage and their children. Please join me in praying for John and Adriana Lungu and their family, that God will provide the strength, fortitude, grace, and provision that they need, and that they may touch the hearts and lives of the Moldovan people.

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