Several years ago, I bought a small half-acre lot in a subdivision that had been planned, but never realized. I had hopes and dreams of building a small off-grid mancave on the property, somewhere to just get away and yet still close enough to run home for lunch or whatever.

I’ve enjoyed my little piece of the earth. It was overgrown and underutilized, it called to me. I’ve created raised beds, planted olives, cherries, almonds, blackberries, blueberries, etc.

I’ve experimented with solar power, wind power, rainwater collection, different farming and composting techniques – all those weird messy things your wife really doesn’t want you doing in the yard or to your house! My little mancave property has given me opportunities to chop down trees, dig holes, gather “stuff”, park a boat, build a tiny-house from scraps, and more – all at my own pace and whim.

It’s also exposed me to the ugly facts about our society. How quickly people will steal a chained and locked trailer, or will help themselves to your garden. I’ve had lessons on security, lessons on patience, and lessons on forgiveness, to name just a few.

When I had a heart-attack in November of 2015, I knew that my affair with my little mancave property would end, but being the eternal optimist, I knew that the land was paid for, and the taxes were minimal. Even though I knew I wouldn’t be able to continue to work out at my little mancave – it just wasn’t practical to be out alone working in the Texas heat, I dreaded the thought of selling it. It represented a lot of time and sweat equity. It represented my work and efforts, it was my own messy reflection of me, and it was mine!

While I was recovering from the surgery, I had a lot of time to sit and think, to reflect back on my life and both the things I had gotten right … and wrong. I thought about the people I had helped, and the people I had hurt. I felt good about the people I had helped the nice things I had done for and to people, but I felt terrible about the pain I had caused. I know that I have been forgiven for my past sins, and I’ve even dealt with my own unforgiveness. I don’t deserve it, but I welcome God’s grace in my life.

After accepting that Kim and I would be going to Moldova, I felt a tugging at my heartstrings, it was time to let the mancave property go. At first, I really didn’t want to. I wanted to keep it, it was mine! But the more I prayed about it, the stronger I felt the need to let it go, now, not later. So I obeyed and we listed the property for sale.

Within twenty-four hours of listing the property, we had an offer and many, many calls of interest! It took a week or so to strike a deal and we closed today, and that chapter is now finished and we will be able to sow the proceeds to the efforts in Moldova.

2 thoughts on “One step closer to Moldova

  1. I think this is beautiful Whitney. Looking forward to following you guys on your Moldovian Mission. I’m happy to have got to know you and Kim a little bit through fb.. I see God working in your lives, and I am Inspired.

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