Different people have different ideas about what it means to support
a missionary. For some it is a direct financial donation. For others, it
is purchasing items whose proceeds go toward providing financial
support. For still others, it is the donation of physical items for use by
the missionary or the people they serve. For everyone, however, it
should ALWAYS include PRAYER!
DIRECT DONATIONS are tax-deductible as long as you remember to
make it out to I Mobilize for Him International. You can use a
personal check or money order and mail it to this address. Please
include the correct account number. (Otherwise, it might not get
where you want it to go!)

I Mobilize for Him International
P. O. Box 383126
Duncanville, Texas 75138-3126

Account #488008052180

If you would prefer to mail to us directly, our stateside address is:

1126 Dula Circle, Duncanville, TX 75116


We also have a GO FUND ME account set up, if you would prefer to go that route.

We are currently going through the process to be approved through AGWM, as soon as that process is completed, we will add that option.